Tangerine Quartz Meaning and Properties

Tangerine Quartz is the name given to a variety of Quartz that has either a pale tangerine or deeper orange coloration. The orange tones and color are due to combinations of iron, Hematite, and Manganese that appear to be bonded onto the surface of the Quartz or within.

The frequency of Tangerine Quartz connects to the sacral chakra. It opens and stimulates this chakra so that one is open to the energies of abundance and creativity.

Tangerine Quartz allows one to overcome feelings of inferiority, building one’s confidence so that one can express one’s ideas and have a positive outcome to life’s experiences.

The energy of Tangerine Quartz increases one’s creative energies so that one is able to enjoy life to the full, giving one a passion to do what one feels like for one’s highest good.

Associated Chakras

  • Sacral

Physical Ailment

  • Infertility
  • Reproductive Issues

Emotional Issue

  • Confidence
  • Passion

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