Virgo Birthstones

BirthstonesCarnelian (Main), Jade (Alternate), Jasper & Blue sapphire (Alternate), Carnelian(Hindu), Citrine (Planetary), Zircon(Talismanic)
Keywords“I serve”
Color(s)Navy (Western), Green (Hindu)
MetalMercury (Quicksilver)
Lucky Number5 and 3

Virgo, the sixth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the analyzers and selfless workers of the world.

Virgo’s, ruled by speedy and intelligent Mercury, have a difficult time sitting still. They must be “doing” all the time. Moving forward, progressing, analyzing. You won’t find a Virgo sitting on the couch (unless she’s knitting).

While Leo wants to rule, Virgos seek to serve others. They love to work with data and analyze detail that would drive other signs crazy. Virgos are often health conscious and frequently enjoy pets.

Duty drives Virgos. You can always count on their conscientiousness. There seems to be two types of Virgos when it comes to tidiness. Those that keep a spotless home and those that do not. The later type are the more mental Virgos whose minds are awhirl with data and cannot be bothered with mundane daily tasks.

Negative Virgo energy can be quite critical, nothing pleases her/him. He won’t understand why people aren’t interested in his astute observations about their imperfections. Virgo is generally not malicious in their criticisms – they usually mean well, and cannot understand why they’re avoided! Virgos want everything orderly and in its place. Combine that with their refinement and Virgos can be quite snobbish.

Altogether Virgos keep the world orderly and functioning. An insecure sign, Virgos will rarely seek acknowledgement for a job well done, however deep down they revel in it! Be sure to praise them often and you’ll see a real change in them!

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