Blue Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses

Gems and crystals are natural hubs of energy forged in the hot, fiery furnace of the Earth’s mantle. Exposure to this powerful energy allows these gems to act as energy hubs. Each Crystal radiates with its distinct vibrational energy levels that we can interact with for our spiritual development.

Blue Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 1

Do you lack the words to say what you want to say? Is it challenging for you to express yourself? Do you hold back from sharing because of fear? If you have metaphorically lost your voice, Sodalite crystal is what you require to reclaim your voice and move closer to your power. This post will learn all about this Crystal, its powers, properties, and meanings.

Blue Sodalite Meaning

The meaning of this Crystal represents a comrade to people who wear it because it helps them feel peaceful and heals their conflicts or troubles. Sodalite also has other names, including Canadian Blue Stone, Blue Stone, Glaucolite, and Canadian lapis lazuli. Though well known for its blue color, the stone may also have green, gray, pink, yellow, and mottled by white patches.

Blue Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 2

The Crystal has strong vibrations that can help treat the development of psychic abilities and with progressive intuition.

Blue Sodalite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Healing

Truth, Inner Peace, and logic give way for excellent emotional well-being with this Crystal. Being connected to the heart means that those sporting Blue Sodalite can feel its calming touch. When the clouds in your mind are cleared, you have space and time for problem-solving and logical thinking that doesn’t originate from desperation.

If you plan the next steps in life, you can understand that it doesn’t matter whether the glass is half empty or half full because you can always refill it. Also known as “The Poet’s Stone,” this Crystal allows you to see the beauty in life and convey this grace eloquently. To the writers, Sodalite is a striking crystal to have on the table because it encourages you to lift the pen and start writing. Moreover, it is an excellent crystal for being a muse when paired with its friends like Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and other such Mystical minded and shimmering blue crystals.

Sodalite helps you think positively and invites the wearer to see the best within people. Sodalite is the big deep breath after the rain when you feel soft, soft, and born again. The Crystal might be your emotional anchor if the world becomes too temperamental for the soul.

It is a crystal of truth, enabling the subconscious and conscious mind to connect with your feelings and thoughts and helps you verbalize and recognize those truths and feelings objectively. It helps the shadow entities, the negative traits you dislike about yourself, rise to the surface and be accepted and acknowledged with no judgment.

The Crystal discharges negative thoughts and anger, empowering the release of the core phobias, fears, control mechanisms, and guilt holding you back. It creates a mindful clear mind ready to find inner peace. The Crystal rekindles self-trust and self-acceptance and embraces the essence of being true to yourself.

Spiritual Healing

Though Linked to the throat chakra, Blue Sodalite also has a connection with the third eye and heart chakra. It is a powerful spiritual crystal that invites its wearer to make their connections stronger to ensure they experience the Earth’s grounding force below their feet.

Blue Sodalite is believed to tap into the pituitary gland that taps into your spiritual perception and is a gateway to your enlightenment. Using Sodalite alongside your tarot packs helps your spiritual foresight unfold. Sodalite is ripe with stone healing and may help one tap into their psychic abilities.

Blue Sodalite is an extreme crystal that unites intuition with logic, encouraging deep thinking and spirituality. It is effective as your guide on your travels through shamanic journeying, dreamwork, and meditation and can give you access to the universe’s sacred laws. Through presenting ideas calmly, symbolic imagery from the subconscious, or self-insights, the Crystal stimulates thoughts while allowing subtle feelings to enter the center of your being. It enables you to know the truth, speak it, and promote multileveled understanding.

This Crystal is an excellent grounding tool to channel spiritual, metaphysical, and inspirational writings, helping you focus on the Third Eye Chakra. It also helps activate the six clairs; clairolfaction, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairgustation, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

Physical Healing

This Crystal is generous, especially with increasing your physical prowess. Because it is a throat chakra crystal, Sodalite is an exceptional tool for boosting communication. Sodalite helps stop your fear of using your voice and second-guessing your intuition. Are you dealing with a vocal cord problem, struggling with larynx issues like hoarseness, or any other throat issue? The Crystal helps soothe all the problems connected to your throat to enable you to sing like a free bird and speak your truth. It is an excellent stone that strengthens your immune system, lowers blood pressure, encourages your body to soak up all the necessary fluids, cooling fever, and is also vital in cleansing your lymphatic organs and system.

The Crystal is also used in treating gland metabolism. Sodalite has a reputation for relieving menopause symptoms and reducing body inflammation for conditions like headaches, muscle strains, and sinus infections. The Crystal also ameliorates calcium deficiencies, reduces acid in your system, and other digestive issues. This Crystal can also combat insomnia, radiation damage, and excess weight.

Blue Sodalite Uses & Metaphysical Properties

Do you want to express yourself in the best way possible without putting your mind and soul on the line? Then, bring Sodalite into your daily life. You will love having Sodalite pressed against your skin if you are creative. It brings incredible self-acceptance levels, a calming effect, and awakens the dormant forces within you. Those with insomniac tendencies can also benefit a lot from placing the Crystal beneath their pillow. Below are the ways to make the most from Sodalite:

Wearing Blue Sodalite

Sodalite’s deep blue hues look stunning when pressed against the skin, and it is the kind of regal hue that can match anything. If you turn Sodalite Crystal into Jewelry, you will be wowed by its happening and healing stone look.

However, beyond its beauty of fashion, wearing this Crystal is among the most potent ways of making the most of Sodalite’s healing nature. This is because the body can absorb the Sodalite’s energy and soak up its vibrations best when directly contacting the skin.

Whether you pick a sodalite pendant, bracelet, or ring, among the fantastic benefits of you choosing the crystals to wear as jewelry is it is with you always. While you may forget or leave the stones at home, using Sodalite as jewelry ensures you consistently wear the healing vibes everywhere. Do you want to complement Sodalite? Other crystals you can use with it include Pyrite, Carnelian, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Lazurite, and Calcite.

Office and Home

This Crystal brings a lot of Feng Shui charm into your office or home. Because it is a water element stone, Sodalite is all about providing emotional flow and balance into your space. The stone’s easy, tranquil energy brings a breath of fresh air into any room, and it excels tremendously well in places where communication is needed. Placing a piece of this stone in your office will help you use tact in case of tricky matters without compromise to your self-worth. The calming nature of this gemstone also works excellently when you place it close to your bed, especially if you struggle with sleeping each night.

Meditation with Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite is your perfect ally during meditation, calming internal chatter, and clearing the mind, helping you to be focused on that moment without distractions from the future or past concerns. In addition, the gemstone stimulates Third Eye and Pineal gland and encourages a deep trance-like state that may give you valuable self-insights without judgment.

It will also give you an understanding of why you are in your current circumstance. Sodalite will help you heal and recall past wounds, perceive the main lessons learned in this lifetime, and know where you are on the path to finishing them. The Crystal also helps a person remember their dreams and practice lucid dreaming.

Blue Sodalite Feng Shui

This Crystal uses the water energy, the energy of quiet strength, purification, and stillness. It embodies unrealized potential. Sodalite is formless, yielding, yet highly powerful. The water element in Sodalite brings out the powers of rebirth and regeneration, the energy of life’s cycle. Use this Crystal to improve any space you use for calm reflection, prayer, or response. Water energy is associated with the northern area of your room or house. It’s associated with life path and career with its flowing energy, ensuring an energy balance as your life flows and unfolds.

Blue Sodalite Crystal Therapies

This Crystal brings calmness and orders of both body and mind. It is highly effective in lessening the fears associated with takeoff, landing, and flying and also helps in counteracting jet lag. If you struggle with sleep issues like insomnia, place a pebble of Sodalite beneath your pillow. It encourages a night of restful and sound sleep. In addition, it is believed to help eliminate negative thinking patterns and bad habits, allowing you to think more, focusing on whatever you want to express.

If you are undergoing a treatment like chemotherapy, Sodalite crystal therapy could be beneficial. It helps your body balance blood production and produce hormones. It also stabilizes energy and helps your body recover from such treatments’ side effects. Besides treatment, Sodalite is a weapon that allows you to fight radiation damage.

It gives your mind the discipline that ensures better within and outside. Using this Crystal, you can regulate bad body habits and body weight. If you are an athlete, you could also benefit from using Sodalite. The Crystal logically and physically brings out the best of what you are into. It gives you motivation and endurance to proceed with your goals.

Blue Sodalite and Chakras

The Third Eye and Throat chakras are the two Sodalite chakras. The two are linked to your upper body, which focuses on your mind down to the neck. The Third Chakra deals with intuitions and logical abilities. It provides energy to remove unnecessary things that blocks your mind from thinking more and clears your thoughts. If you want to pay special attention to your goals and desires, Third Eye Chakra is helpful. It encourages your mind to control a situation that some people cannot handle.

Although Throat Chakra is useful when balancing motions, it is also close to the heart that composes feelings. It prevents your heart from releasing anger, jealousy, and frustrations. It lowers the mind’s expectations to negativities arising when undergoing pain. It helps your circulatory system to stay healthy.

If the two chakras are imbalanced, you might become oversensitive to other people’s opinions and despise others to make yourself feel good. Both can open the other world and connect you to higher realms. They bring energies of peace, truth, compassion, love, and kindness.

Sodalite Color Energy

This gemstone reflects the sky’s blue energy as the winter welcomes the spring and the sun moves higher daily. It marks the start of emotion and life. The Blue crystals bring patience, faith, respect, and trust, lending the focus that we should be more trustworthy, act more responsibly, and become sincerer. The light blue stones help you accept the life you have, become more patient, seek forgiveness, and reconcile differences.

Blue Sodalite ✨ Meaning ✦ Properties ✦ Benefits ✦ Uses 3

They are helpful if you are trying to recover from destructive or addictive patterns, help curb your tempers, and make you more cheerful and dependable. These crystals also help you deal with grief, cures guilt, and let go of the past. Darker blue Sodalite crystals improve the compassion and respect a person has within. They teach you discretion, honor, and humanity while encouraging you to be more charitable and focus your efforts on service to other people.

This Crystal embodies indigo color, combining the violet ray’s intuition and the pure blue ray’s trust. It brings truth, dignity, spiritual mastery, and wisdom. Being a crystal of long life and judgment enhances introspection, and when properly used, it may bring out profound understanding. Dark indigo Sodalite crystals also provide honesty and are suitable for spiritual and religious journeys. On the other hand, light indigo crystals improve your appreciation for others and connect you to the natural world.

Zodiac Connection

Blue Sodalite properties have no bounds in their healing powers. You can leverage its benefits regardless of your birth month or sign. Although it isn’t the official birth sign for any month, Sodalite seems to have a stronger connection with Sagittarius. People born under Sagittarius are always ready to act and outgoing. Their outgoing nature can make them restless whenever there is no journey to partake.

These are pretty admirable traits. However, they can put Sagittarians in some tricky situations. Their persistent need to action frequently puts the Sagittarians in chaotic situations. Sodalite is their calming beacon in such a case, bringing them back to the Earth. If you are overactive, Sodalite is your best companion, reminding you to take a moment and relax.

Clarity is the next positive connection between Sagittarius and Sodalite. Sagittarians are not keen on allowing their emotion to become rampant. They are more thoughtful and analytical than most people think. Therefore, Sodalite works best for them. Sodalite reminds Sagittarians to be more compassionate and empathetic. The Crystal pushes them to tell their truth. Even when the Sagittarian’s needs are unconducive to the logical conclusion, the Crystal gives them the freedom needed to speak their mind.

Blue Sodalite Shapes and Forms

Blue Sodalite Cluster

This is a unique and fabulous natural Sodalite cluster. It is mainly produced from Afghanistan and is best used in interiors, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Blue Sodalite Points

These are natural sodalite points divided into various heights and weights. You can use Sodalite points as part of interior design within your house and may also be used with other stones for meditation, especially in your bedroom, living room, and bathroom. You can also use them as an accessory like a pendant in your necklace, albeit in a smaller size.

Blue Raw Sodalite Chunk

Raw or unpolished Sodalite appears in various cuts and sizes, but it has similar abilities and power as polished Sodalite. You can use it as a lucky charm when entering a competition or a palm stone during meditation.

Blue Sodalite Plates

Blue Sodalite plates have beautiful color displays, rare and usually found in Canada. It has more power than the usual Sodalite to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence and heal more. You can also use it to boost your creativity when you aren’t in the mood to think, write, or paint something to begin your job or task. This form of Sodalite is compelling and could be placed on your altar for charging other stones and gems.

Blue Sodalite Spheres

These are polished sodalite spheres based on your diameter. You can hold them or place m on your altar during meditation. Hold these sodalite spheres during treatment to make you calm and ease the pain.

Blue Sodalite Tumbled Stones

This type of Sodalite has a beautiful speckled mixture of whites and blues and a polished outlook. You can use them for meditation by holding or placing them on your altar. They have different sizes and shapes but smaller diameters than plates.

How To Care For Blue Sodalite?

This Crystal is softer than other gemstones and is considered sensitive to wear, especially when worn daily as an accessory. However, Sodalite has a long lifespan with proper care. This gemstone may easily scratch and develop fractures in high pressure. Wrap Sodalite with a soft cloth after cleansing. If you keep it with other crystals, ensure unpolished ones don’t touch it.

Avoid performing heavy tasks when wearing this Crystal as they may exert pressure on Sodalite and scratch it unintentionally, making it weaker. Also, avoid exposing the Crystal to high levels of sulfuric acid or sunlight because they might fade Crystal’s color, making it unattractive.

How To Cleanse And Charge Blue Sodalite?

There are several ways of effectively charging and cleansing this Crystal. You can charge it by direct sunlight by placing the Crystal in a sunny spot outside. The best way to cleanse it is by putting Sodalite under direct moonlight during the night. This helps return Sodalite’s balance and gives it incredible power. For quick cleansing, place quartz nearby.

There are several excellent combinations for Sodalite. To boost its spiritual capabilities, pair the Crystal with Amethyst. Pair sodalite with clear quartz to build a protective side and develop a calm sense. Pairing the Crystal with Tiger’s Eye will give you the courage to delve into upcoming opportunities and take risks.

Blue Sodalite Origin

The Crystal was found first 1811 in the Ilimausaq complex in Greenland. In 1891, vast deposits of Sodalite were found in Ontario, Canada. It was considered ornamental stone. When Princess Margaret of England visited Bancroft, Canada, she fell in love with Crystal’s appearance, prompting it to be called “Princess Blue.” Sodalite is a derivative term from Latin “Solidalitas,” meaning comrade. Today, Sodalite can still be found in large deposits in Canada, especially Bancroft, Ontario, where it’s found massive deep blue deposits with reddish streaks. It can also be found in other provinces, including British Columbia.

In Africa, Sodalite is found in Ohopoho, Northern Namibia. This region yields highly intense solid blue material, which is sometimes almost transparent and very translucent. This is the only known region where Sodalite is found in the African continent. It can also be found in Colorado, Maine, Montana, Massachusetts, Arkansas, South Dakota, and New Hampshire in the United States. Other countries where Sodalite is found include Afghanistan, Scotland, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Norway, Myanmar, Russia, and Greenland.

Blue Sodalite Versus Other Stones

Blue Sodalite vs Lapis Lazuli

You could mistake Blue Sodalite for Lapis Lazuli due to its combination of blue and white color. However, if you take a closer look, you’d see Lapis Lazuli has pyrite flecks and a rich ultramarine color. Conversely, Sodalite has a royal blue color and is popularly referred to as “poor man’s Lapis” due to its white streak instead of the blue from Lapis Lazuli.

The two are similar because the crystals are calming stones, seek a deeper connection with the cosmic wisdom, and closely work with the throat chakra. However, Lapis Lazuli is a bit mysterious and more powerful. On the other hand, Blue Sodalite is a more gradual, gentle healer that won’t overwhelm you with energy. In addition, Sodalite has more overt teachings, while Lapis Lazuli remains undercover for more extended work periods.

Blue Sodalite vs Blue Aventurine

While Sodalite is known for the white spots throughout its crystalline structure, it is more like flakes in Blue Aventurine. They are also tinier than those on Sodalite, making it easy to tell the difference between them. Sodalite may also have slight black patterns or spots that you’ll never find on blue aventurine.

Blue Sodalite vs Iolite

Although these two gemstones have the same blue shades within their crystal structure, the structural formation is entirely different. While iolite has a blue glass appearance, Sodalite is almost always opaque. You could fat more compare Iolite to Sapphires and Rubies, and it has a more purple tinge on its façade. Sodalite is blue to indigo.

Blue Sodalite vs Lazurite

Lazurite is a scarce stone, and although it looks like Blue Sodalite, it’s improbable that you can find yourself in a situation where you are confusing the two stones. Lazurite is softer compared to Sodalite and occurs on metamorphic rocks.

How Much is Blue Sodalite Worth?

The value of Blue Sodalite is determined by logistical factors, origin, and quality. The industry standard is regulated by a scale determining the present cost of a crystal per carat as stipulated within a global context. Currently, Sodalite costs about $26.65 per carat.

Is Blue Sodalite Toxic?

Yes, Sodalite is known in the mineral world as among the highly toxic stones, especially when broken down into tiny, ingestible fibers. Some people call Sodalite blue asbestos, a good indicator of just how dangerous this stone is thought to be in some quarters.

Can You Put Blue Sodalite In Water?

Sodalite doesn’t react well with water for different reasons. Certain conditions can make the crystal dissolve in water, releasing its toxins in the water. So, although the Crystal is beautiful, avoid mixing it with water, especially in heated pools and aquariums.

However, so long as the stone doesn’t contact water, you can use it safely. This is because it contains aluminum which can dissolve in the water, threatening anybody who consumes that water after that.

How Can You Tell If Sodalite Is Real?

Sodalite usually is blue. However, it also occurs in additional colors like green, yellow, red, and white. Although Sodalite rarely occurs in crystal form, it can sometimes be found with white calcite. Although dipping or placing Sodalite in water is not recommended, the surest way of telling whether it is real is by putting the stone in water. It will crack and splinter when you submerge it in water. That’s why you are advised to avoid using Sodalite near water.


If you want a stone that acts like a comrade and vibrates with you, Blue Sodalite should be your companion. Coupled with its immense emotional, physical, and spiritual healing capabilities, using the stone as a wearable like jewelry is probably the best way. It will remove your fear of sharing your truths and give you the power to share your mind or opinions.

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