White Jasper Meaning and Properties

For the longest time, Jasper has been used to make tools and ornaments and as a gemstone. It was used in ancient cities such as Indus Valley in Pakistan today. The Neolithic man also used Jasper to make beads. The earliest mining sites for this gemstone are found in the USA in Pennsylvania.

Paleolithic people dug up Jasper to make arrowheads, knives, and jewelry about 12,000 years ago. Western civilization is believed to come from the kingdom of Sumeria, and many believe its city, Ur, is where Abraham was born. He was the patriarch of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions. Around 2000 years before Christ was born, the inhabitants of this region believed a dome of Jasper covered the Earth and that it was flat.

Visit any major museum today and check out the ancient artifacts section; most likely, you will come across pieces of Jasper. You can easily come across cameos and seals, Minoan and Roman rings, sword hilts decorations, and bow-drills made of Jasper.

The word Jasper was coined in English around the 14th century coming from the Latin word ‘jaspis’ and the French word ‘jaspre.’

The Meaning of White Jasper

White Jasper is a typical Chalcedony. Its name means speckled or spotted stone. Its speckles result from the inclusion of ash, mineral, or sediment in the crystal.

White Jasper occurs in several places worldwide, but the majority comes from Australia or India. When speaking about the meaning of a stone, we usually look at the esoteric qualities the stone has. The qualities are a significant part of the stone and affect the human body or mind in different cultures and situations.

Many know White Jasper as a stone that bears a vibration of calm, peace, and tranquility. If you connect with the stone, you acquire understanding and patience. White Jasper brings comfort and reassurance and gives the wearer freedom from fear and optimistic feelings.

Black and White Jasper Types

White Ocean Jasper

Ocean jasper has several names, including ocean orbicular jasper, cellular Jasper, and Atlantis stone. The stone has several healing properties and benefits to the wearer. Ocean jasper had been lost for quite some time after it was discovered in the 1920s. It was rediscovered in Madagascar in 1997, and many people are constantly looking for the stone.

White Jasper Meaning and Properties 5

Ocean jasper belongs to the quartz family and contains high mineral silica content, which gives it the shimmering druzy quartz. Even though this gemstone is common in white color, it also occurs in other colors such as brown and green. They can also appear in red, pink, gray, yellow, orange, and black.

The stone derives its powers from the lunar and ocean cycle of tides. It is known to enhance emotional stability among users. This stone bears a crystal healing lore linked to Atlantis (the lost city), which is why it is also known as Atlantis stone.

White Dalmatian Jasper

It is also referred to as dalmatian stone, and many people love it for decorative purposes. It has a unique appearance that resembles the Dalmatian dog breed. The gemstone consists of quartz, feldspars, alkali amphiboles, and small amounts of epidote and hematite. Jaspers have distinct chemical, physical and aesthetic properties.

White Jasper Meaning and Properties 6

These properties are ideal for jewelry making. Most deposits will contain admixtures such as feldspars, epidotes, and hydroxides. The dalmatian stone also has a grayish to white rock mass devoid of larger phenocrysts. Its rock mass contrasts with the greenish to black assemblages in minerals. These are responsible for the distinctive dalmatian patterns.

White Zebra Jasper

White zebra jasper is a unique stone that brings positivity and balance into the wearer’s life. Even though the stone is not as popular, it is one stone you need to experience its benefits. White zebra jasper is a beautiful stone that bears contrasting strips of black and white. It has powerful healing properties despite its striking beauty.

White Jasper Meaning and Properties 7

This jasper stone formed around 600 million years and comes with a hardness of about 7 Mohs. The stone is made of silicon dioxide and calcium carbonate. It may be referred to as Zebra agate, zebra marble, and zebra rock. Zebra jasper is found worldwide in different places, such as Russia, Africa, and India. However, the first place where the stone was discovered was in Western Australia in Kununurra.

Spiritual practitioners and natural healers say that zebra jasper brings a sense of harmony and balance if your life is chaotic. The stone will keep you grounded in times of chaos. Zebra jasper may also be known as “The Anti-Apathy Stone,” and people say it has the power to boost enthusiasm and overcome procrastination.

Dendritic Jasper

These are jasper stones that bear dendrites. They are small, black feathery patterns that appear like natural scenes or beautiful landscape paintings.

White Jasper Meaning and Properties 8

Dendritic jaspers have a high market value due to their novelty and thus fetch high prices. This is especially true for the deposits that have stunning nature scenes. Due to this embodiment of nature, this variety of Jasper has unique benefits that provoke quick thinking and sharp mental clarity. They are loved by creative types, investors, artists, and writers to boost their mental clarity.

Spiderweb Jasper

This jasper variety is stunning and bears white and black stripes. By looking at it, you may think a spider has been all over the stone weaving its lines. Its striking beauty will easily captivate your eyes. The stone’s metaphysical properties and patterns are pretty fascinating. Spiderweb Jasper is a soothing stone. It has calming effects that will easily calm you down.

White Jasper Meaning and Properties 9

Spiderweb Jasper will help balance and align your being. Apart from the rejuvenating properties, this stone also bears protective energies. Carrying it with you drives away negativity, evil, and bad energy. Toxic people will not affect your positive energy. It will give you gentleness and relaxation energies. Many people love it for its relaxation abilities.

Spiderweb jasper will help you maintain balance as you travel the celestial way. It is known to infuse kindness and compassion feelings to the wearer. You will become kinder and more compassionate from using this stone. The gemstone will help you see the great things in life and appreciate them. With its help, you will discover there is so much to be thankful for.

This stone will bring guidance and light to your life. It helps your subconscious and inner thoughts to understand other people around you. With the help of the rock, you will have more clarity in your inner sight. It helps strengthen your sense and natural abilities. When it comes to the physical body, Jasper will help your large intestines connective tissues and strengthen the bones.

The stone also stimulates your digestive process and the circulatory system. Also, understand that this spiderweb jasper will help you learn of the exciting opportunities in life. It will boost your organizational abilities and promote quick thinking. If you are looking for tranquility and peace of mind, this is the stone to look for.

What is White Jasper Stone Used For?

White Jasper being a beautiful stone, is fancied for jewelry purposes. Lapidaries and artists love making stunning jewelry pieces from this stone. That may include a wide array of stuff such as necklaces, pendants, beads, and even rings. Some gemstone enthusiasts also use it for carving cameos. As you learned earlier, ancient communities used this stone to make tools and weapons such as arrowheads.

White Jasper is a widely known spiritual stone, and many people use it to infuse the spiritual benefits of the stone. You can use it for meditation purposes or even carry it around like a stone to infuse its energies. Place it in your office or at home to receive its vibrational properties.

White Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

White Jasper physical healing energy

White Jasper has a variety of qualities that help alleviate diverse physical conditions. Many know it as a therapeutic stone that restores the tissues of the internal organs such as the spleen, kidneys, liver, and bladder. The gemstone also helps the human body easily absorb minerals like manganese and iron.

The stone can aid in getting rid of abdominal and stomach pains. It can also hasten sluggish digestion and alleviate gout symptoms.

White Jasper Emotional Healing Energy

The healing energies of this gemstone revolve around its ability to work and connect with the body and mind. White Jasper will help you understand how your feelings and thoughts affect your physical self. If you are a fantasizer or a daydreamer, this stone will help you come back to reality and ground you.

With the help of this stone, you will not easily get lost in the fantasy world and will focus more on the reality aspect of life. Anyone who wants access to the spiritual messages from angels, guides, or other powers can use this gemstone. This gemstone will illuminate spiritual truth, and you will see it more clearly. The stone will offer you emotional tranquility, peace, and calm.

Typically, White Jasper is a beautiful stone and will help you appreciate other people’s beauty and the beauty in you.

White Jasper Spiritual Energy

White Jasper is known to strengthen the connection between spiritual wisdom, sacredness, and the Earth to the wearer. The stone encourages you to celebrate beautiful moments during the extraordinary and the ordinary. With the help of this stone, you will find harmony with the people you interact with and within yourself.

White Jasper acts like a gateway that connects the ancient past of Mother Earth to give you spiritual knowledge via dreamwork and meditation. This brilliant connection helps heal the planet and also heal humanity.

White Jasper and Chakra

Many people know white Jasper as a gemstone of serenity and hope. It will bring you peace during a loss or when you are depressed. The stone contains gentle energies that will lift your spirit and keep you grounded even when undergoing chaos in your life. White Jasper appeals to your sense of humanity and reminds you to be compassionate to other people.

White Jasper will easily help you fulfill your dreams and bring harmony between your emotional and physical body. The stone resonates perfectly with the Crown Chakra. White Jasper will bring wholeness to you as a person. It is also believed to activate and heal the Root chakra. People suffering from neurological issues, autoimmune diseases, and infertility can use this stone to their advantage.

Zodiac Connection

White Jasper can heal anyone no matter their zodiac signs. Everyone can infuse its healing energies at any point in time. However, it is worth noting that some zodiac signs will resonate perfectly with this stone. White Jasper is believed to enhance the logical thinking of the Virgo. It helps them understand things more clearly and make informed decisions.

The stone will also enhance the duality of Gemini. It helps them achieve their dreams and pursue what they love most.

White Jasper Value

White Jasper is typical, and this means it will not fetch high prices like the rare minerals such as diamonds and opals. However, the jaspers with stunning color combinations and unique patterns will fetch higher prices. Finer specimens will cost $2 to $5 for every carat.

Jasper Vs. Flint Vs. Chert

Scientists and geologists commonly use Jasper, Flint, and Chert to describe opaque, microcrystalline quartz.

Archeologists and historians will refer to the stone as Flint, while geologists call it Chert. The name also depends on the historical use of the stone and the geologic occurrence:

  • If it is a sedimentary rock associated with a specific geographical area, then geologists will call it a Chert. Some cherts are laterally extensive and thick enough to act as gas and oil reservoirs.
  • If the material is part of a rock or an artifact used to make tools or weapons back then, it is named a Flint.

Jasper is a gemological term often used by people looking for microcrystalline quartz to make tumbled stones, spheres, and cabochons. They are interested in a material based on its beauty, pattern, and color, brightly polished, or it can be cut accurately.

Take away

Many people fancy white Jasper due to its outstanding healing properties and beauty. The different gemstone varieties come in diverse colors and distinctive patterns to behold. The stone makes sensational jewelry pieces.

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