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Opal is one of the many gemstones that are used in making jewelry, among other uses. One of the many common opal varieties is yellow stone, which is highly valued for its stunning yellow color that stretches towards a sunny gold color. Below is an in-depth guide on yellow opal and how to use it.

Yellow Opal History

The term “opal” derives from the Sanskrit word Upala, translating to “precious stone”. In addition, the name may have also originated Ops, a Roman Earth deity linked to fertility and harvest.

Opals generally have varying accounts of history. Australian Aborigines believed that the birth of opals resulted from the Creator God coming to earth and his foot coming into contact with the ground. The same Aborigines believed that a giant opal governed the stars and the love present in people’s hearts.

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According to Greek mythology, Zeus shed tears after the victory in the war against the Titans. It is these tears that later became the opals. Moreover, in other cultures, the theory of the stone’s origin stems from the storm god’s jealousy against the rainbow god, thus striking the rainbow down, which gave birth to beautifully colored opals.

Generally, opals have held significance among different people, including Aztecs, Egyptians, Babylonians, and the Romans, who believed that opal possessed the power of every single stone due to its color variations.

Moreover, since the Middle Ages, opal has been considered the stone of the eyes. Throughout time, opals were believed to be more valuable than rubies and diamonds. However, recent discoveries have reduced their value below these top gemstones.

Yellow opal can be found in several deposits globally, including Australia, Peru, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

Yellow Opal Geological Properties

The opal stone is found in nature and in varying forms. It is formed as a result of the secondary lithogenic process. One of the common forms is the yellow opal, which belongs to the tectosilicate mineral family.

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Yellow opal’s chemical composition is SiO2 nH2O, and it has an amorphous crystal system. Yellow measures between 5 and 6 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. The stone has a vitreous luster. In addition, yellow opal has a splintery, brittle, and conchoidal fracture. Its main color is yellow, and it also has white streaks. The stone’s transparency ranges from transparent to opaque.

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Yellow opal is a silicate mineral and a variety of common opal. Silicate minerals form the largest mineral family globally. Unlike precious opals, common opals lack the fiery play of colors on the stones’ surfaces. They also have an opaque, flat hue.

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The only differentiating factor between yellow opals and other common opals is the color. You can find yellow opal in varying rock types, especially where there are silica-bearing waters. Generally, common opals, such as yellow opals, are entirely natural regardless of the hue shade. Most importantly, yellow stones are enhanced purely by polishing, cutting, and tumbling.

Formula (repeating unit)Hydrated silica. SiO2·nH2O
Crystal systemAmorphous
Crystal habitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
FractureConchoidal to uneven
Mohs scale hardness5.5 – 6
LusterSubvitreous to waxy
Diaphaneityopaque, translucent, transparent
Specific gravity2.15+0.08
Density2.09 g/cm3
Polish lusterVitreous to resinous
Optical propertiesSingle refractive, often anomalous double refractive due to strain
Refractive index1.450+0.020
Diagnostic featuresdarkening upon heating
Solubilityhot saltwater, bases, methanol, humic acid, hydrofluoric acid

Healing Properties and Benefits

Opals are believed to carry healing properties ranging from physical to spiritual healing. Here is how you will benefit from yellow opals.

Physical Healing

Metaphysical healers use yellow opal as a universal health enhancer. The stone is used during massages and in spa treatments. Generally, yellow stone strengthens the will to live when the mind and body feel weak. The stone is highly recommended for the elderly or individuals suffering from terminal illnesses.

In addition, historically, midwives placed opals on pregnant women’s navels, which thus facilitated easy delivery. It was also believed that opals generally helped to defeat all eye problems, thus fortifying eyesight.

Yellow opal is perfect for renewing the immune system, strengthening your resistance against allergies and infections. In addition, opals treat Parkinson’s Disease and fever. The stone can also help get rid of kidney challenges. It also regulates metabolism processes and insulin levels. Yellow opal has been known to aid in reducing pre-menstrual tensions.

Emotional Healing

Yellow opal is a creative stone that inspires you to invent and be more creative. In addition, opal helps you to let go of inhibitions and seize every available opportunity. It also promotes the realization of independence and freedom.

Yellow opal stone stimulates a light-hearted cheerful attitude. Moreover, it helps you feel more self-worth. Yellow opal encourages confidence, fidelity, and faithfulness while helping you in self-expression.

It lightens your heart and shares with you its sensual and blissful energy. Yellow opal can also bring you on the right track after suffering a breakup or relationship issues. Lastly, it encourages you to embrace your sexuality and be considerate of others.

Spiritual Healing

Yellow opals can potentially elevate your psychic abilities and guide you on your spiritual journey. It helps you be open-minded and more inviting to people, whether you share any similarities or differences. It helps you to abandon your comfort zone and bubble to embrace all the wonderful colors of life.

Yellow opal assists you in finding joy in your spiritual and religious life. In addition, it helps you to support and appreciate the dogma, which lightens your soul and makes your heart glad. Most importantly, it is a stone of karma, meaning that you will get what you give.

Yellow Opal and Chakra

Yellow opal is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Generally, opals stimulate all the seven Chakras on an energetic level. Owing to the color, the opal stimulates positive vibrations and energy to corresponding Chakras.

Yellow opal works within the aura, helping to balance it. In addition, it awakens mystical and psychic qualities. The stone connects to the Water and Earth elements and vibrates to the numbers 9, 8, and 2. You can use the yellow opal in meditation since it soothes the mind and increases concentration.

Zodiac Connection

Yellow opal is connected to the astrological signs of Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, and Libra. However, it spreads its benefits far and wide to other astrological signs not listed above.

Bottom Line

Yellow opal is a variety of common opal that sets itself apart by color. It is a relatively valuable gemstone that is loved for its beautiful yellow color. Yellow opal is used in meditation as well as in making jewelry pieces. Though not as highly valuable, it is one of the most coveted varieties of common opals.

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