How to wear Men’s Jewelry with Confidence

When is it appropriate to wear men’s jewelry?

The wearing of men’s jewelry is becoming more acceptable every day, everywhere. With jeans and loafers, a bracelet or pendant brings a touch of sophistication. With suits and formal wear, a ring or bracelet adds a layer of elegance beyond that of a wristwatch. Using rugged materials like steel, rubber, and silver, today’s men’s jewelry is all about manliness and meaning. These are men who are confident, strong and masculine – and unafraid to adorn themselves with confident, strong and masculine pendants, rings and bracelets.

A steel and rubber bracelet evokes confidence. A dog tag pendant says “quiet cool”. And an eye-catching, yet discrete, steel and diamond ring demonstrates that you are comfortable in your own skin. Men wearing such pieces come across as confident, strong and masculine – and those attributes are appropriate day and night.

Every Man Wants to Be Strong

After all, strength is a primarily masculine trait. But men don’t have to go to Muscle Beach to show their strength. They can do it subtly, yet confidently, by adding the right touch of jewelry. Touch is the keyword – because strong, masculine materials – like rubber and steel – are highly tactile. They also add a textual dimension that goes well beyond the usual two-dimensional gold or silver ring or bracelet. A rubber setting on a ring brings out the vibrancy of the steel. And, on a dog tag, rubber and steelwork together to create unusual patterns that make the piece stand out – and outstanding. Adorning yourself with strong, tactile jewelry is a sensual experience. It appeals to your sense of style – and feels great to her touch.

Real Men Wear Jewelry

A decade ago, important events and stages of a man’s life were often commemorated with tattoos. But today’s style-conscious man instead commemorates those events with jewelry, choosing to wear an array of meaningful bracelets. It’s masculine, adult… and a definite sign of our times. Look at ads in magazines and newspapers and watch who are the trendsetters in popular culture and it becomes evident that men’s style is moving towards real men and men’s jewelry is at the forefront.

What to wear with your stainless steel bracelet

Be True to Yourself

If you are a man who is comfortable wearing bold colors or outsized designs, then a diamond-studded silver bracelet will enhance your personality without calling attention to itself. And, if you have a more laid-back, casual style, a steel and rubber ring or a dog tag pendant with one sparkling diamond will add an unexpected luster to your outfit.

Know When to Wear It

A man on the go from morning till night needs versatile jewelry that’s appropriate in a variety of situations. If you only wear jewelry for those special times you dress up, then one diamond ring or bracelet elevates your wardrobe and style to a new level. And, if going out and being fashionable is your style, then a mix of subtle diamond rings, chains, and bracelets expresses your confidence and self-assurance.

Wear Them with Pride

No matter what style of diamond jewelry you choose, or how many pieces you wear, when you wear them with pride you make a bold statement about your individuality and self-comfort. And there’s nothing stronger or more attractive than that.

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