February Birthstone: Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst

Get a royalty look at an affordable price with February’s birthstone, amethyst. In shades of purple, Amethyst is the most intriguing of gemstones. It is a variety of quartz but differs from common ...

January Birthstone: Garnet

january birthstone garnet

Garnet January’s birthstone is a wonderful colored gem called Garnet. Due to its relative abundance compared to other precious stones, garnet jewels are significantly more affordable and make great ...

November Birthstones: Topaz & Citrine

November Birthstone Citrine Topaz

Topaz, the birthstone for November Thanksgiving and Topaz go hand-in-hand in November. The topaz, the birthstone for November, takes its name from the Sanskrit word tapas – meaning fire. Topaz ...

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